Don't call DCFS just yet.
10:17 a.m. - 2005-05-16

Okay, enough already. I've had it up to my eyeballs with the (well-meaning) advice.

No, no. Not from you, internet. I really appreciate hearing your opinions and well-researched information. It's the dimwits at work who are driving me insane.

Take, for instance, the second grade teacher who just harrassed me for carrying a Coke to my room. "Is that COKE? You're not supposed to be drinking COKE! It's bad for the baby!"

Stupidly, I tried to defend myself. "Well, my doctor said that one or two a day isn't a problem, and I need a little caffiene to keep from having terrible migraines..."

"But are you really limiting yourself to one a day? You need to get yourself some water or orange juice or something instead. I can't believe you're drinking COKE!"

I'm so ready to get away from this place. Alan has enough sense to keep his mouth shut--especially since he knows that I'm not going to do anything to conciously put the baby in harm's way. Jesus.

Now, please excuse me while I finish mainlining the rest of this heroin.

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I am: so very many things. A mother, a wife, a dreamer, a lover of animals and babies, a friend. I've been called a bitch, but if that's what you call someone who stands up for what they believe in and refuses to settle, then I guess the title fits.

loves: my family, horses, a full night's sleep, puppy breath, my daughter's laughter, thunderstorms, bubble baths, makeup, soft sheets, David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, wine, massages, the written word, and sour straws.

dislikes: closed minds, depression, pimples, extreme heat, math, panic attacks, black licorice, doing laundry, white chocolate, gin, Bush.