10:04 p.m. - 2006-04-28

I think it started with a pedicure.

Shortly after I became pregnant last summer, Alan told me that I should get a pedicure. But as usual, I managed to find a million reasons not to go, because if there's one thing I'm good at, it's procrastinating. Like, I couldn't shave my legs because of the belly (and no pedicurist wants to be massaging legs with inch long hairs poking them), or my feet were too gross from going around barefoot all the time because none of my shoes, (save a raggedy, disgusting pair of flip-flops that I wore EVERYWHERE, and have since thrown away because I just couldn't bear to look at them anymore), or my ankles were too swollen, or it was eleventy bazillion degrees outside and I didn't feel like leaving my air-conditioned pregnancy sanctuary. Plus, there was the whole getting dressed issue, and let's be honest, I spent all last summer in an oversized t-shirt (if that) and panties unless I had something REALLY important that warranted putting on actual clothes, like a doctor visit. Even when I did get dressed, my choices were quite limited, because I had exactly two shirts and two pairs of pants that fit and were fit enough to be seen by other people. Weirdly enough, I had PLENTY of maternity clothes given/bought for me, but they were all long sleeved and best suited for a cold climate; which July in the south is not. Just so everyone knows: pregnant women (at least me) are NEVER cold. Do not give a pregnant friend (or *cough*sister*cough*) a long-sleeved maternity shirt and cords as a birthday present in June when she's due in October--especially when she lives in Louisiana. She will say thank you, but will secretly think that you are either a complete idiot or have an evil, fucked up snese of humor.

ANYWAY. Last Thursday I got the pedicure. It was lovely. My toenails have never looked better. But after a few days of admiring my shiny pink nails, I realized that the rest of me didn't match at all. I had one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that were getting really threadbare, and four or five grungy old t-shirts that I rotated daily. A month or so ago, I bought a couple of skirts, two tops, and two pairs of jeans to wear when I needed sometihing dressier. Of those purchases, though, the jeans were the only purchases that I'd get regular use out of, because the rest of the stuff was too fussy for everyday wear. (An ankle length white skirt? Looks pretty, but lasts about 1.3 seconds in the presence of my child.)

So, Monday I decided to go clothes shopping. We only have one store in town that sells decent stuff (it's not Wal-Mart--we don't even HAVE a Wal-mart--but it's something along those lines). I've never bought anything but groceries there before, but I figured it was worth a shot. So, with Ali in the sling, I set off to find some summer attire.

And I totally scored! I got seven tank tops--CUTE ones--for five bucks each. Two in deep turquoise, a pale pink, beige, and lavendar. Those have rhinestones around the neck, and though I'm normally not one to wear bedazzled clothing, they're really adorable. I can dress them up or down depending on what I wear them with, and that's a plus. Got a red one with red sequins around the neck and arm-holes, and a white tank with a bit of lace (and some sequins and beads) sewn in at the neck. Shirts! That FIT! And look nice on me! I didn't think it was possible.

And it gets better. I haven't worn shorts in a couple years, because I can never seem to find them in a proper length. I'm not sure what dumb-ass thinks that a pair of size 14/16 shorts needs 2 1/2 inches of length, but those are usually the only ones available. Either that or the knee-length old lady shorts, and if those are the options, I'd rather just go with jeans and sweat.
But the universe evidently decided to cut me a break, because I found some PERFECT shorts (with stretch!). They hit about four inches above my knee and have cute pocket detailing to boot! I grabbed the only two pairs in my size, because I knew I'd never be able to find them again. $10 each.

I've never cared much for capris (since I'm so short, they always end up hitting me right above the ankle, which looks incredibly stupid), but I found some of those too. They're black (cotton, I think?) and straight legged, and come right to the middle of my calf. For $7.

And then I went back today, just for the hell of it, and found the most adorable skirts I've ever seen. They're the hippie/boho style that everyone was wearing last summer, but they're calf-length, and are beautifully pattered. They're also some of the most comfortable things I've ever put on my body (very thin, and light, but lined so that they're not see-through), and to top it all off? They match nearly every one of the tank tops! Oh, and they have little bells on the drawstrings, so I'll jingle when I walk. So cool. They were $10 each.

I also got three new pairs of thong sandals (white/sequined, purple/sequined/with a floral print on the top part of the sole, and black with a rhinestone circle that attaches the thong to the straps of the sandal), a $10 purse that will double as a diaper bag, a pair of earrings, and two beaded bracelets. And a keychain. And I ordered some (8!)Clinique lip glosses off Ebay for a great price, because I'm officially switching from liner and lipstick to just gloss, at least for the summer. I've been wearing makeup just about every day for the past week, and I was surprised to find that I've really MISSED it. I feel so much prettier and more confident with make-up. I wasn't trying to make any kind of statement by not wearing it--I was just being lazy.

So, yeah. I've been on a bit of a shopping spree lately, but all told, it hasn't been that expensive. And I NEEDED it. Not just the clothes and such, but the boost of confidence. I feel good about myself in those clothes, and it's been a LONG time since I've experienced that.

I can't wait for Alan to see all of it on me. He knows about the purchases, and seems happy that I'm making an effort to look and feel better about myself. Just because I'm a feminist doesn't mean I have to go bare-faced and hairy-legged and dress all schlumpy, you know?

Oh, and I've got a nice tan going on too, which definitely helps with showing some skin. I know it's not the smartest thing for me to do, but I'm very careful and don't overdo it or burn. And as far as I'm concerned, brown fat looks far more appealing than white fat.

Speaking of fat, I'm also getting serious about losing weight. I've cut WAY back on my food intake, and have been exercising almost every day. Ali loves to ride in her stoller, and the street my parents live on is exactly a mile all the way around. I'm going to try for at least two miles a day, and then go up from there.

It's late (and I've typed WAY too much about silly stuff), and I need to go to bed. C and I are going to the city tomorrow. It's mainly just an excuse to get dressed up and get out of the house, but I may have to make a stop by the MAC counter.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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