100 Things I Like
7:52 p.m. - 2005-08-08

I've been seeing this around at a few different journals, and thought that it would be a nice, positive change from the grouchiness I've been spewing lately. Besides, I NEVER do memes, and this one seemed like fun.

Make a list of 100 things you like in no particular order. Avoid the obvious (significant other, pie ...) and be completely honest with yourself. If you try to think of things that you are curious about and inspired by, you'll end up discovering a lot about yourself and, in doing so, developing a sort of bank of your interests and ideas.

1. Thunderstorms, but only if I'm in a place that I feel safe. I don't like worrying that a tree might fall on my head.
2. Chocolate. I can't afford the really expensive stuff (my GOD, that's some fancy stuff), but a bar of Dove dark is enough to satisfy me.
3. LUSH bath products. I've had to cut those out all together, but I still have a small stash that I plan to use once I can comfortably and safely get in the tub again.
4. The internet. Too much.
5. A good, medium rare steak. Alan does a phenomenal job with these using the oven, surprisingly enough. He got the idea from
6. Alton Brown's Food Network show, "Good Eats." I like the Food Network in general, actually.
7. Dichroic glass. I used to have a few pendants made of the stuff, but they mysteriously went missing. Sounds like a good thing to ask Santa Claus for.
8. Jewelry, period. I have a tendency to lose it pretty frequently though, so I tend to stick with relatively inexpensive stuff.
9. Cold, wet doggie noses
10. Fluffy kittens
11. Horseback riding. I hope that we'll eventally move somewhere that we can have a horse. If my daughter is anything like me, she'll definitely want a horse of her own.
12. Traveling. Whether it's a five hour trip to New Orleans or a two week vacation to Europe, there are fewer things that excite me more.
13. Reading books that are a little difficult to get through.
14. Books, new and used.
15. Aquariums of all sizes, but most especially those that you actually go visit.
16. New-to-me foods. I have a pretty adventurous palate and like to try "different" stuff even if it ends badly. We recently had our first Indian experience. Yum.
17. Hearing a great song for the first time.
18. Turning my friends and loved ones on to new things, especially things I don't think they'd try on their own(e.g., Alan and Indian food).
19. Independent films.
20. The theatre. I even enjoyed the plays I was required to go to in college.
21. Spelling theatre with the r before the e, regardless of how pretentious it looks.
22. Seeing movies on the big screen.
23. Hollywood gossip, as much as I hate to admit it. I'm a sucker for People magazine.
24. Snuggling down in a warm bed when the rest of the room is cold.
25. Snow
26. Hand-written letters
27. Cards
28. The smell of gardenias
29. And honeysuckle
30. And jasmine
31.I've always wanted to collectCrystal figurines. They're purty.
32. Leather, be it seats, jackets, or pants. I think it's a the smell.
33. Having a really and truly clean house. (Which happens like, never.)
34. Soft, fluffy towels
35. The way a baby smells.
36. Getting all dressed up for a special night out.
37. Making lists
38. Finding money that I didn't realize I had.
39. Rocking chairs
40. Chenille fabric
41. Cute shoes
42. Pretty fingernail polish.
43. Massages
44. Oils from BPAL
45. Halloween
46. The first cold snap of the year.
47. Picking fresh blackberries in the middle of summer.
48. Thick sliced vine ripe tomatoes lightly chilled and sprinkled with salt.
49. The night sky.
50. Puppy breath
51. Rhinestones.
52. Old country music, like Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.
53. Finding things on sale.
54. Buying toys for the dog.
55. Cooking, most of the time.
56. Making people laugh.
57. The sound of rain on a tin roof.
58. Listening to the frogs and crickets on a warm night.
59. Doodling. No scrap paper is safe when I'm around.
60. Thinking about this baby: who she'll look like, her personality, how her voice might sound.
61. Feeling her move.
62. Having a camera handy at exactly the right moment.
63. Seeing a picture that I actually look good in.
64. Nice makeup. I always buy the cheap stuff, but have dreams of MAC and Stila.
65. Down pillows
66. Astrology, tarot, crystals and the works. I'm a sucker for New Agey stuff.
67. Pretty stationary. Bonus points if it's scented.
68. Ceramic tile
69. Freshly painted rooms.
70. Candles
71. Wine, preferably a good white, served cold either with dinner or while I'm in a luxurious bath.
72. Mountains
73. Wine
74. Gay bars.
75. Windchimes
76. Antebellum homes
77. Lazy afternoons with Alan when we have nothing pressing to do and nowhere to that we need to be.
78. Ceiling fans.
79. Buying DVD's.
80. My husband's hand on the small of my back.
81. Discovering that jeans that used to be tight are now too big.
82. Watching birds at the feeder.
83. Squirrels playing in the trees.
84. Cheese
85. Knowing that the month's bills are paid and we still have money in the bank.
86. Summer barbeques accompanied by free flowing alcohol.
87. Bottled water, especially Evian.
88. Dr. Pepper
89. Freshly vacuumed floors
90. Black and white photographs
91. Mix CD's
92. Ebay
93. Learning about other people, their lives, beliefs, values and cultures, especially those that are very different from my own.
94. Falling leaves.
95. Recycling, when I do it.
96. Giving gifts that I know people will appreciate and enjoy.
97. Telling people I love them (but only when it's true).
98. Good hair days
99. Writing with a good, smooth flowing pen.
100. Streams, rivers, oceans, and all other bodies of water.

Huh. That was easier than I thought. It appears that I like food, alcohol, and sparkly things most of all. Doesn't surprise me a bit.

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I am: so very many things. A mother, a wife, a dreamer, a lover of animals and babies, a friend. I've been called a bitch, but if that's what you call someone who stands up for what they believe in and refuses to settle, then I guess the title fits.

loves: my family, horses, a full night's sleep, puppy breath, my daughter's laughter, thunderstorms, bubble baths, makeup, soft sheets, David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, wine, massages, the written word, and sour straws.

dislikes: closed minds, depression, pimples, extreme heat, math, panic attacks, black licorice, doing laundry, white chocolate, gin, Bush.