Post-Surgery Update
8:30 a.m. - 2005-01-17

Ten days have elapsed (again) since my last entry.

The surgery was okay. I suppose you might even call it successful since he got all of the endometriosis. I was really surprised to learn that I didn't have any cysts (do they just disappear?) because at the last doctor visit I had ten of them. Still, I guess that's good news.

Lest you think that I'm a big 'ol baby (or maybe a crazy person) because I've been complaining of terrible pain for the past few months when there weren't any cysts to be removed, I did have a problem that no one was aware of until they stuck the scope in my stomach.

I should mention that the only other surgery I've had was an appendectomy when I was nine years old. As a result, I have an ugly four and a half inch horizontal raised scar on the right side of my belly. That's how they did it back in '89 (I think that now they go through your belly button). Years before that they cut you vertically (my dad has a much larger scar of this nature to prove it).

Anyway, other than disliking the way it looks, I haven't given much thought to that scar over the past fifteen years. But evidently my body has, because the scar tissue on the inside has been growing and growing. It actually grew so much that it embedded itself in my intestines. From what the doctor said, that was one of the reasons that I was hurting so much. Makes sense, I guess. He lasered it all out, and hopefully I won't have any more trouble from it.

I was really, really sore for three or so days, but now I'm feeling a lot better. I managed to clean house yesterday (no vacuuming though--don't need to be pulling on anything yet). The incisions themselves are still kind of painful, but that's only if I touch them or wear jeans. (Pajama pants have been my best friend for the past week.) Speaking of incisions, I have two of them. One is inside my belly button, the other is about five inches below it and only about half an inch in length. Not bad at all.

When they woke me from the anesthesia, my right arm and that whole side of my back was aching terribly. It got worse after I got home, and the day after it was really, really bad. I couldn't figure out why on earth my arm and back was hurting, but my mother told me that it was probably from them jerking me around while I was out. That makes sense, I guess, but it kind of irritates me that they're so rough with someone who's asleep. I know that I was dead weight (and a lot of it), but for the love of GOD, those nurses could try to be a little more gentle.

I have to take tomorrow off to get my stitches out (all four of them) so that means finding a sub for my class. The reports that I've gotten tell me that they've been absolutely terrible--one of the boys was throwing chairs across the room because he was being punished--and I'm really pissed about it. They're going to get a huge lecture when I go back on Wednesday.

I'll be off again next Monday (I'm SO over the limit for sick and personal days) because I've been summoned for jury duty. I don't want to go, but I don't really have a choice. Ugh.

While I'm complaining, I should mention that someone hacked into my PayPal account and charged $1,000 to my credit card. I spent two hours on the phone last Tuesday night talking to the card company and to PayPal themselves, and now I have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and have it notarized to keep from having to pay the charges. I still can't believe that someone did that. It makes me want to find them and beat them within an inch of their lives. I'm also pissed that neither PayPal nor my credit card company questioned such a huge charge, because I've NEVER bought anything for more than $150 on my card.

Gotta go. Thanks for all the guestbook well-wishing--I love ya'll.

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